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Fall 2021 – PLCY 698: Senior Capstone in Public Policy

Instructors: Elizabeth Sasser, Jeanne Bonds, Will Goldsmith, Evan Johnson, Jeff Summerlin-Long

In this course, students tackle unique policy questions posed by community partners, including government agencies and non-profit organizations. Student teams meet with their client, develop a work plan, research relevant policy issues, collect data, identify and analyze options, and present actionable recommendations to their client. Through their consulting work, students integrate the skills and knowledge they have developed as Public Policy majors and develop skills in teamwork, project planning, and professional communications.

Follow the link by clicking the photo or title to review the websites developed by the Fall 2021 Public Policy Senior Capstone students.


TITLE:  My Future NC Capstone Project: Community College Adult Learners in North Carolina

TEAM:  Elisabeth Dennis, Carter Roberson, Kobe Roseman, Nisarg Shah, Mary Weaver, Hunter West




TITLE:   Thrive! Capstone Project: Curating Opportunities for Local Equity Audits

TEAM:  Brianna Ramgeet, Diana Williams, Isabella Salazar, Tess Greenberg, Julia Fish, Noah Blutreich




TITLE: The Ackland Art Museum’s Local Communities

TEAM:  Lydia Gilmore, Ian Ramirez, Sloan Edemann, Jensen Emerline, Zoe Lord, Juan Avilez




TITLE:   Community Climate Resiliency: Addressing Socioeconomic Vulnerability to Climate Change 

TEAM:  Kerstain Nealy, Ayaka Ohara, Angela Grimaldo, Andrew Lopez, Juhi Modi, Monica Contreras




TITLE:  Carolina Farm Stewardship Association & Community Food Strategies

TEAM:  Elliana Alexander, Grace Elliott, Victoria Neff, Charlie Robinette, Peyton Babson, Evan Daniel Rhatigan



TITLE:   Policy Analysis for Environmental Defense Fund: Transportation Emissions & Electric Vehicles

TEAM:  Ammaar Syed, Will Lewis, Morgan Harron, Arhys Cruz Mora, Karina Goco, Lauren Stiller



TITLE:   From the Voices of Communities, Local Governments, and Academics:  Assessing Preparedness and Recovery for Socially Marginalized Communities impacted by Natural Disasters

TEAM:  Tara Murray, Ruth Fetaw, Reiley Baker, Kipp Williams, Landon Powell, Gigi Cloney



TITLE:   Institute of Emerging Issues: Project Resilience

TEAM:  J.J. Tolentino, Nehali Watwe, Laraib Awan, Aniketh Dumpala, Maximilien Mavian, Grace Koch



TITLE:   Expanding Meal Choice: Meeting the nutritional needs of Meals on Wheels recipients in Orange County, North Carolina

TEAM:  Jenny Burgess, Aditi Patel, Kaylan Privette, Andres Otero, April Turner



TITLE:   North Carolina Alliance for Health

TEAM:  Kylie Brown, Abigale Sopina, Maeve Taylor, Simon Cawley, Caleb Shuda





TITLE:   Orange County Board of Elections Capstone

TEAM:  Doug Blumberg, Audrey Kayser, Alayna Powell, Sam Scheipers, Reagan Smith, Bennett Stillerman



TITLE:   RTI: Determinants of Innovation and Economic Growth

TEAM:  Jamie Cummings, Cameron Baird, Nick Whitely, Ashley Patrick, Isaiah Garner, Taylor



TITLE:   Whole Community Health

TEAM:  Lauren Coffey, Callan Hazeldine, Taylor Penwell, Kade Sutton, Mackenzie Webb



TITLE:   Reparations Programs Assessment for Asheville, North Carolina

TEAM:  Alaina Plauche, Briscoe Robinette, Marie Cox-McMahon, Melinda McCabe, Robert Jones, Yaz Nixon