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Learn about discoveries made by undergraduate students enrolled in research courses at UNC-Chapel Hill. Follow the links under the course number to see presentations at the Fall 2021 Research Expo held on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.


(Follow the link to Presentations)

ANTH/FOLK 370 Southern Legacies: The Descendants Project Dr. Glenn Hinson
ASTR 502 Astronomical Discovery in the Era of Big Data Dr. Nicholas Law
BIOL 102L Hunting Microbes Dr. Barbara Stegenga
BIOL 542 Light Microscopy Dr. Paul Maddox
BIOL 221L Seafood Forensics Lab Dr. John Bruno
BIOL 544L Laboratory in Diseases of the Cytoskeleton Dr. Kevin Slep & Dr. Stephen Rogers
CHEM 421 Synth of Polymers Dr. Frank Leibfarth
CHEM 445 Electroanalytical Chemistry Dr. Jeffrey Dick
CHEM 530L Laboratory Techniques for Biochemistry Dr. Thomas Freeman
CHEM 550L Synth Chemistry Lab Dr. Kathleen Nevins
EXSS 327 Predictive Analytics in Sports Dr. Jonathan Jensen
INLS 490 Real-time Data Science in the Makerspace: Making Sense of the Everyday Dr. Maggie Melo & Dr. Arcot Rajasekar
PLCY 698 Senior Capstone in Public Policy Dr. Elizabeth Sasser
















Upload your presentation:  Register Here

Require files to register your presentation:

  • PowerPoint presentation of poster (.ppt)
  • Abstract (Word document preferred)
  • Video (.MP3, MP4)

We regret we are unable to meet in-person because of COVID social distancing … more here


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fall 2021 Research Expo?

  • The Fall 2021 Research Expo is a “science and discovery fair” where undergraduate students enrolled this semester in research courses showcase their study as poster/video presentations.  The event will mimic a professional atmosphere, so it is a great way to practice communicating at an authentic and professional experience. We regret we are unable to meet in-person because of COVID social distancing … more here

What size poster should I create?

  • We recommend a poster size of 24”x36” or 36″x24″ (width x height).  Download the PowerPoint poster templates.

Where can I get help with designing my poster?

Where can I get my poster printed?

  • Print Stop located on the second floor of the Bookstore can print your poster.
  • PhDPoster has free pickup available at the Health Science Library (10AM-6PM)
  • FedEx Kinko’s located on Franklin Street also print posters.

Please note because of the Thanksgiving holiday, you should plan ahead to have your poster printed as early as possible.

What else should I prepare to present my poster or makerspace object?

  • You should prepare and rehearse a 2-5 minute overview of your work that any person from any discipline can understand.


Other questions?  Contact: